DG Koch and Associates

DGKA provides Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering services to building owners, architects, contractors, and other clients. 

Our mission is to provide our clients with expert engineering services.  This is achieved with hard work from our staff, utilizing up to date technology, and extensive resources and research.​​
     BIM and CAD design for Heating, ventilation, & Air Conditioning
     Refrigeration Plants, Boiler Replacements,
     Exhaust & Make-up Air Systems,

     Smoke Evacuation & Control, Clean Room Environments,
     Process Piping, Chilled Water, Central Plant Design,

     Exhaust and Make up air, Heat Recovery.
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     BIM and CAD design for Normal Power Distribution Systems, Lighting and Controls,
     Emergency Lighting, Power Generation and Uninterruptible Power Supply,
     Outlets and Branch Systems, Mission Critical Infrastructure.
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     BIM and CAD design for Domestic Water Systems, Gas Systems & Medical Gas Systems,
     Sanitary, Storm and Hazardous Wastes, Treated Water Supply Systems​,

     Booster Pump SystemsCentral Plant Design, Commercial Piping Systems,
     Drainage Waste and Ventilation​, High Rise Booster Pump Systems,
     Low Rise Booster Pump Systems, Natural Gas Systems
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